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I’m Megan and I’m the founder of CoMo Cleaning Company! I was born here in Columbia, Missouri and I am proud to call this town my home. I graduated from Hickman High School and then attended the University of Missouri - Columbia, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Fisheries & Wildlife Management in 2003. 


I founded CoMo Cleaning Company in 2015 in order to offer Columbia residents detailed, thorough, and friendly residential cleaning services. I love that we use only non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners because that means our staff and our clients homes are not only clean, but safe from unwanted synthetic chemical residue!


We are lucky enough to have two wonderful team members who handle the vast majority of our cleanings! They have an amazing eye for detail and put forth an incredible amount of energy and heart into each and every job.

My name is Lex! I've been working with CoMo Cleaning Company for over a year and I love it! My coworkers are both friendly and hardworking, and it's so satisfying to go into a home with them and get everything done right.

I went to high school in Crystal City, a little south of St. Louis. I moved here to Columbia with my girlfriend and our dog when she got accepted to Mizzou. Now we split our time between here and there, and we have three cats instead! When I'm not working with CoMo Cleaning Company, I write horror novels.

My favorite part of working with CoMo Cleaning Company is the materials we use. The Thieves essential oil cleaner that we use smells great, and also works so efficiently. I love not having to overuse smelly synthetic products instead. It's also great having so many different clients! I love being able to go somewhere different for work every day. I can't wait to add even more interesting people and places to the list!

Hey, I'm Kirsten!


I have been with CoMo Cleaning Company for awhile now and I can tell you wholeheartedly that it has been more than a honor to work for this amazingly well rounded business.

I was born and raised in the St.Louis, MO. area and migrated to Columbia, MO. in 2010 for school. Since then I have gladly adopted Columbia as my home! I am currently a student at the University of Missouri obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. I have 3 wonderful cats and have earned the title of a crazy cat lady! Even though I only own cats at the moment, a dream of mine would be to own enough land to establish a full blown animal sanctuary.

The things I love most about CoMo Cleaning Company are that we are one of the only cleaning companies in town that utilize completely natural cleaning products! Not only do our products make your home smell great (from Thieves essential oils we use), they are also non-toxic! Meaning they are more than safe to use around all kinds of fur babies!

Hey there, I'm Beth! 

I've been with como cleaning for a short while now and I can honestly say I love it! These ladies are amazing! I couldn't ask for better coworkers! 

I'm from Saint Joseph, me and my fiance just moved her about 6 months ago to start our new adventure. We have a beautiful little fur baby named Buttercup. In our free time we try to explore as much nature as possible.

What I love about CoMo cleaning is that we use green products and try to eliminate as much waste out of our daily cleaning routine as possible. Its better for us and the earth. We leave your home smelling (and looking) amazing without all those harmful cleaners!





“I love the way my house smells and it's spotless. Good job.”

“Very happy with their service, would have no problem recommending to anyone!”

Emma Brown, Blogger

“What a wonderful job they did for us!”

Suzanne Smith



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