Our friendly, trained, professional staff will tackle the dirt, dust, and grime and leave your home sparkling! We use only natural and environmentally safe cleaners in order to protect your home, family, pets, and our staff!

We offer weekly, bi-weekly (every-other-week), monthly, and seasonal home cleanings. During our visits we utilize a checklist in order to ensure everything is cleaned to our high standards.


• Kitchen: counter tops, toaster, microwave (exterior), stove (exterior), oven (exterior) fridge (exterior), sink, floors, and light switches. Blinds, cabinets, trim/baseboards, window ledges, and doors are cleaned as needed.


• Bathrooms: sanitizing shower/tub, toilet (top to bottom), sink, mirror, floors, and light switches. Blinds, cabinets, trim/baseboards, window ledges, and doors are cleaned as needed.


• Bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, home offices, hallways etc.: All surfaces dusted (including furniture as needed), floors vacuumed or mopped as required, and light switches cleaned. Blinds, trim/baseboards, window ledges, and doors are cleaned as needed.

Moving is a big job! In fact, many people say that moving is one of the most stressful and exhausting life experiences. On top of everything else you need to do, you have to make sure the home you're leaving is clean - either to get your security deposit back or to help guarantee your house can sell.


During these cleanings we clean the interior and exterior of kitchen appliances, focus on exterior & interior cabinets/drawers, clean light fixtures, dust window blinds and ledges, dust baseboards/trim, wash doors and door frames, and clean air vents.


Our cleaners can remove the burden of pre and post move cleaning from your to-do list! We will make sure that that the home you’re leaving is spotless or your new home is sparkling.

Life is hectic! You’re busy with everything it takes to keep your household running smoothly – errands, work, paying bills, making appointments and managing the kids. So if the dishes are piling up, the laundry from a week ago is still undone, or the playroom is a disaster – call us! For an hourly fee we will send a trained staff member to help you catch up with the basics!

A one-time clean is great for special occasions, the holidays, or a yearly deep clean! We offer pre and post party cleaning for events like birthdays, graduations, and weddings! Let our trusted cleaners take care of the hard work while you enjoy your event! Contact us today so that we can customize a quote for you!

Have you recently finished building a new home or completed a home renovation? Ready to relax and enjoy your new space? Not Quite! Construction and home renovations create quite the mess! Dust and dirt settles everywhere. During these cleanings we pay special attention to



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